Your search for a school will begin with choosing between an international or a Dutch school, each of which have their own advantages. If you are planning to stay in the Netherlands for a short period, or if you plan to move on to another foreign country following your stay, an international school may provide your child with a sense of continuity. If you would like your child to experience the local culture and pick up the language, you may prefer to choose a Dutch school.

Another factor to consider is the huge difference in cost. Apart from a few private, fee-paying schools, all Dutch schools are funded by the government. Parents pay a small contribution (between €50 and €800 per year) with which the schools pay for some extra things. For international schools, a few are partly subsidised by the Dutch government, or by the government of the country they are linked to, and for those the fees average €4,500 per annum. For a private international school, however, you pay at least €12,000 a year.