Residence Permits

Starting March 14th, the IND is sending temporary residence permits to British people living in the Netherlands - for a no deal Brexit. During the transition period untill June 30th in 2020, British people will receive a letter about their application for a new residence permit.

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Temporary Registration Addresses

The IND will also be sending temporary residence permits to British people registered on a temporary registration address. The IND has changed the procedure after receiving more information about temporary registration addresses from expat centres.

Registering on a permanent home address is preferred, but being registered on a temporary registration address counts as an official living adress for Brexit related manners. However, the chance that a letter does not arrive is greater at a temporary registration address.

Furthermore, it is important to turn on automatic reception for letters from the IND on With this you can receive all letters from the IND digitally. You will need a DigiD for this.

For official and up to date information on the situation of British Citizens resident in the Netherlands after Brexit:
Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Department (IND)

You can find general information on Brexit related matters at:
                Official website of the UK Government            

For the governments official advice for British Citizens living in the Netherlands (including if the UK leaves the EU) see the guide:
                      Living in the Netherlands