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5 December 2019

The Dutch healthcare insurance will be affected by some changes in 2020, as planned by the Dutch Government. If you still need to apply for a Dutch health insurance, or if you’d like to exchange health insurance provider, you can do so by cancelling your current health insurance before December 31st and apply for a new one before January 31st.

You might be interested in exchanging your healthcare insurance into a Zorg & Zekerheid insurance. If you apply with us before December 31, we will cancel your current healthcare insurance for you, and you can benefit from an attractive proposition and premium. Please visit our website or local shop for more information!

The Dutch healthcare system is based on the principle of solidarity. Everyone aged 18 and older pays a healthcare insurance premium, regardless of whether they are young or old and regardless of their health. Together, we can ensure that healthcare costs remain manageable, thus ensuring that sick people receive the right kind of healthcare.

The Dutch Healthcare insurance in 2020 will be affected by some changes as planned by the Dutch Government.


Group discount

The government has decided that, starting from 2020, the discount given by healthcare insurance companies on the premiums of their basic healthcare insurance policies must not exceed 5%. For this reason, the group discount for the Expat Centre clients on the Zorg Zeker Policy and Zorg Vrij Policy will be capped at 5% as of 1 January 2020. Until year-end 2019, the group discount was capped at 10%.


The majority of your premium is allocated directly to healthcare. For instance, ‘Zorg en Zekerheid’ uses this money to pay your general practitioner, medicines and hospitals.

Due to the fact that people are growing increasingly older, more and more medicines and improved technologies are introduced to the Healthcare Insurances the premiums are increasing. The premium of your ‘Zorg en Zekerheid’ policy will be announced in the middle of November.

 Healthcare allowance

Those in the lower income brackets will be compensated for the increase in premiums. The health care allowance provided by the government for this group will be increased by around €67,- for single person households and by €95,- for larger households in 2020. Please note that these figures are based on estimates provided by the government and are dependent on the final premiums that will be announced by the health insurance providers.

Your mandatory excess will continue to be set at €385

Are you receiving healthcare covered by the basic healthcare insurance policy? If so, you will pay part of the costs yourself. The amount you are required to pay out of pocket is called your excess. In 2020, the mandatory excess will continue to be set at €385.


Everyone is entitled to proper healthcare

We promise to provide you with high-quality and affordable care close to your home. In association with healthcare providers, employers, local authorities and other parties, we seek to establish healthy initiatives. In this way, we will work towards healthier lives together.
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By our partner Zorg en Zekerheid.