New Partner: Your Financials

7 November 2019

Your Financials was founded in 2008 and has a Leiden hub since 12 months. Its consultants have several decades of international financial experience and bring the best personalized plan for your financial future.

The company is fully licensed under Dutch government oversight and connected to experienced partners to deliver smooth execution. Core activities include:

  • Income and estate planning across generations.
  • Solutions for employees and entrepreneurs.
  • Managing and establishing your future pension and responsible investment income, including home finance and investment finance.

Next to these pillars we advise and arrange life, income (e.g. disability) and equity insurance, and offer advice to anticipate effects of divorce, death or termination of employment (i.e. severance payments).

Both Dutch and international customers give us excellent reviews on Please take the first step to get to know us by giving a call or dropping an email message, and let us help you to a better financial future too. The introduction meeting is our investment in a new relationship and of course we will not charge a fee for your effort.

For further information, visit YourFinancials page on our website or their official website.