New Guide for Expats in Leiden Region

13 March 2019

Are you an expat and do you expect to live in Leiden or a surrounding municipality for less than three years? Then you should probably get a rental home. Rent is paid monthly in the Netherlands, and paying an extra month of rent at the start of the rental period is 'the norm' in the Netherlands.

This information, along with much more, can be found in the new edition of the book 'Expat Essentials: Your Start in the Leiden Region', recently published by the Expat Centre Leiden. With help from estate agents and the 'right advice', the authors positively guarantee that 'you will succeed in finding a house'. 

According to statistics from 2017, the Leiden region has more than 17,000 international inhabitants. Their numbers are growing fast, but not all of them are 'expats'. International students are not included, and foreigners from inside and outside the EU that permanently live in the Leiden region aren't either. Expats generally return to their country of origin after about five years. According to the Expat Centre's latest data, around 3,600 expats use their services

Wilfred Simons
Leidsch Dagblad