Naturalis Biodiversity Centre - Conference ‘Snakebite – from science to society’

20 February 2018

Naturalis Biodiversity Center is organizing the conference ‘Snakebite – from science to society’ on 21 and 22 Juni 2018 in Leiden, The Netherlands. An interdisciplinary event that aims to raise attention for a devastating, neglected tropical disease and ignite solutions and international action on snakebite prevention and treatment.

Why you?
You might be working with snakes, venom or in the field of medical care and first aid. But it could also be that you don’t have anything to do with snakes or (anti)venom, but we want you to join because of your expertise on e.g. ICT, data-mining, intercultural interaction, innovative technologies, policy making or education.
We are not organizing a regular scientific conference. We want to exchange scientific innovative ideas and want to come up with instant solutions and impact for the issues concerning snakebites in the tropics. We want to bring together science, humanities, government, industry and societal & humanitarian aid organisations.

Problem Setting
Every year, more than 125,000 people die as a result of a venomous snakebite, over 400.000 people survive but suffer from serious permanent injury or disability. Globally, the greatest burden is experienced in the poor African and Asian countryside. Permanent injury is not all victims have to deal with; psychological problems, inability to work, debts and social outcasting influences the individuals as well as their families and community. Remarkably, snakebite is not a disease without a treatment. But, due to the lack of data, infrastructure and an effective, affordable and safe antivenom (serum), but also because of political or social conflicts, many hundreds of thousands of victims go untreated.

The program is still being developed. But confirmed speakers are:
Manjunatha Kini - National University of Singapore | Juan Calvete - Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia |  Erika Nowak - Museum of Northern Arizona | Ian Cameron - Micropharm UK | Don Gerson - PnuVax Inc. Canada | David Warrel - University of Oxford | Abdulrazaq Habib - Bayero University Nigeria | Andreas Laustsen - Technical University Denmark | Robin Bernard - National Snakebite Initiative India | Bernadette Abela-Ridder - World Health Organisation | David Williams - Global Snakebite Initiative, University of Melbourne | José Maria 'Chema' Gutierrez - University of Costa Rica | Bryan Fry - University of Queensland | Nick Casewell - Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine | Jeroen Kool - VU Amsterdam |Michael Richardson - Leiden University |

More information about the snakebite issue and the conference can be found on To ensure that as many professionals as possible can attend, we don’t ask a registration fee, just a small contribution of €35 per day for all food and beverages throughout the conference.

We hope we have peaked your interest and your ideas on how to contribute in solving the snakebite issue. We are very much looking forward to meeting you in Leiden coming June.

For more information, visit the website of Leiden Bio Science Park