Meet BuZz and SPARK!

4 May 2021

Since April 2021, iDOE is no longer active. BuZz, a new organisation, and SPARK (a follow up of an iDOE initiative) have taken over some of their tasks. Read more about BuZz and SPARK in this article.

BuZz is an organization where people can develop basis skills to participate in society. We work on the basis of the themes dealing with money, building a network, talent development, digital skills, learning the Dutch language and a healthy lifestyle.

What can BuZz do for you and what can you do for BuZz

We can help you as an expat with the Dutch language and build a network by participating in our activities or as a volunteer. BuZz believes that everyone has talents an can participate and we are happy to do this together with you. We would like te get to know you.

BuZz and companies

BuZz Works together with many different companies to help as many people in Leiden as possible. If you would like to mean something to someone else, please contact us!

BuZz is Happy to be a partner of The Expat Centre!
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Conscious business is about creating opportunities. We believe in a society to which everyone can make a positive contribution. SPARK is a movement of socially conscious businesses and organizations. Our partners go beyond the ordinary business. We work together with our community to add social and commercial value. SPARK offers inspiration, advice, guidance and connection - in this way we work on a fair and healthy region.

SPARK is a movement for organizations that want to be involved with the people and organisations around them. We match profits en non-profits so they can work together. For example: Doing voluntery work, share knowlegde, help out with materials and opportunities for work experience.

SPARK is Happy to be a partner of The Expat Centre!

Do you want to know more? Contact our matchmaker Norbert Engels via: