Leiden crowd density map

26 August 2020

On the crowd density map of the city centre of Leiden you will see at a glance at which spots it is very busy or quiet. This information is useful to plan your visit to the centre of Leiden. You can check the map before you leave and see how busy it is at that moment in a shopping street or on a terrace. On the crowd density map, you will also find alternative suggestions for busy spots. This way we together can ensure that a visit to our beautiful city is safe and pleasant.


The current bustle of visitors

The crowd density map was developed by the city of Leiden together with Centrum Management Leiden. The information on the map shows the current bustle of visitors. This information is based on counts of sensors in the city centre of Leiden (Haarlemmerstraat, Aalmarkt and Nieuwe Rijn). The sensors count the number of movements of passers-by, without being able to recognize the individuals. Furthermore, the map gives information about the bustle of visitors based on experience.

On the map the following colours with related advice are used:

  • Red: It is too busy at the moment. Please come another time or choose an alternative
  • Orange: It is quite busy. Do not get caught by surprises, check the bustle just before you leave or when you are on your way.
  • Green: It is quiet at the moment. You are most welcome.

This article has been brought to you by the Municipality of Leiden.