Broad support in the House of Representatives for aid and recovery package

2 October 2020

The support and recovery package that will start on 1 October has received broad support in the Lower House. The package regulates, amongst other things, the extension of support measures for jobs and the economy and contains a social package of 1.4 billion euros for guidance to work, training, the fight against debt problems and the fight against youth unemployment.


The corona virus has had a major impact on the economy. That is why the cabinet is extending the support measures, such as the NOW subsidy for employers and the Tozo for the self-employed, for nine months. This gives entrepreneurs clarity, peace and time for a longer period. Employers who want to apply for NOW-3 can report to UWV from mid-November. Self-employed persons who want to qualify for a Tozo benefit can contact the municipality. Initially, the Tozo-3 would also have a limited power test. With the extra measures required to combat the corona virus, the tightening of the Tozo conditions is no longer appropriate.

In addition, work is also shifting or disappearing due to the corona virus. At the same time, new work is also being created. The cabinet wants to give people who are now insecure the certainty that they can claim appropriate guidance when looking for new work and income. That is why the aid and recovery package also includes a social package of 1.4 billion euros for guidance to work, education, the fight against debt problems and the fight against youth unemployment. The government, employers' organizations, employee organizations, UWV, municipalities and schools will work together intensively for this.

As a result of the debate with the House of Representatives on the third aid and recovery package, a number of things have been adjusted. For example, until 1 July 2021, young people on welfare will have the opportunity to earn extra money in addition to their social assistance benefit or to receive an allowance for voluntary work. For certain groups of vulnerable young people, the mandatory four-week search period expires until 1 July when applying for social assistance benefits. Municipalities keep the space for other young people up to the age of 27 to temporarily not apply the search term.

Via the NL Leert Door program, people can request development advice or follow online training free of charge. The first training courses will start this winter. What is new, is that the counter for development advice will be opened earlier. From 1 December, employees, the self-employed and jobseekers can again follow development advice from a career advisor free of charge. A total of 50,000 advisory processes are available.

Finally, from 1 January 2021, almost six months earlier than planned, organizations can use the subsidy for early retirement that has been made available under the Pension Agreement. Within the available budget of a total of 1 billion euros for the tailor-made scheme for Sustainable Employability and Early Retirement, an additional 100 million euros will be available next year. With this subsidy people can be helped, with measures to continue to do their work in good health until their retirement, and where necessary to stop earlier.

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