Meet & Mingle: February 6th | Cultural Leiden

Galerie Café Leidse Lente, Haagweg 4, 2311 AA, Leiden

Leiden is a city with culture to spare, especially at Galerie Café Leidse Lente, a place were creators and enthousiasts meet.

Join us for a drink on Thursday the 6th of February from 18:00 till 20:00 / 20:30 at the Leidse Lente! 

Meeting other people can be difficult – that’s why we’re organising our monthly Meet & Mingle, where you can meet other people in the Leiden region in a casual and cosy setting. If you want to attend, please register here.

Meet & Mingle: meeting internationals made easy.

Afbeelding bij agenda item Meet & Mingle: February 6th | Cultural Leiden van  6 February 2020