Leiden - Young Rembrandt Studio

Langebrug 89, Leiden

Visit this unique stop on the Leidse Rembrandt route and take a peek inside the life of the young Rembrandt. During a beautiful 7 minute ‘video mapping’ you will get to know/get acquainted with the young Rembrandt and the most important/key figures in his life. What was the unique talent Rembrandt had? What materials did he use, and how? Look back at the first 25 years of the life of the most famous master painter from the Golden Age: Rembrandt. The experience is now available in Dutch and will be available in English soon. 

Opening hours: 
The Young Rembrandt Studio is open from Wednesday till Sunday from 12.00 – 17.00 hrs and is free of charge. The ‘video projection’ runs for 7 minutes and can be experienced by max. 10 persons at once. It is not possible to make a reservation in advance. 

*This location is also a Tourist Information point! 

Afbeelding bij agenda item Leiden - Young Rembrandt Studio van 17 May 2018