Leiden - Exhibition: Istanbul Meets Leiden

- , 17:00
Kort Rapenburg 1-3, Leiden

Tulips, turbans and trams. Painters Marces van Baaren from Amsterdam and Hakan Özcan from Istanbul took inspiration from each other’s cities, where the main focus is the similarities between the two. The Turkish Honorary Consulate-General in Leiden will showcase the work of these two artists until the beginning of March.

Honorary consul Joost Peters and Roos Ouwehand wanted the paintings, who were previously showcased in Amsterdam, to also be displayed in Leiden with a slight ‘Leiden twist’ to it. Therefore, Özcan gave his own interpretation to a Rembrandt portrait. The exposition is open to the public on workdays from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon at the Kort Rapenburg 1-3 in Leiden.

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