Leiden - De Leidse Hooidagen

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Polderpark Cronesteyn, opposite tea-house ‘De tuin van de smid’

Leiden - In the last weekend of the summer holidays – August 31 and the 1st of September, 10 am till 4 pm - Naar buiten! Regio Leiden organizes the 7th edition of ‘De Leidse Hooidagen’. This year the event will take place in Polderpark Cronesteyn, opposite tea-house ‘De tuin van de smid’. Like every year, children can do 25 things from the kids-bucketlist to stimulate them to play outside. In addition to the classics such as fishing, baking bun and making bow and arrow, you can ride pony or create your own future-city.

Learn to felt wool or make a dreamcatcher, just like the Indians. Come and do some birdwatching or make a construction of bamboo. Would you like to taste some locally made cheese and milk? Then this is the place to be!

Naar buiten! organizes ‘De Leidse Hooidagen’ on behalf of ‘Het Zuid-Hollands Landschap’ and the municipality of Leiden, together with partners such as Zorg & Zekerheid, IVN Leiden, Smallsteps, Gemiva, ‘De tuin van de smid’ and Ekoplaza.

More information: www.leidsehooidagen.nl - Latest news: facebook.com/leidsehooidagen

Naar buiten! regio Leiden organizes activities in nature for schoolchildren in the age of 4 till 12 years old. Discovering, researching, collaborating, creating and moving are the key-notes of the organisation.
More information: www.naarbuiten-regioleiden.nl



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