The applicable fees are (additional to municipal registration/BSN)     Excl. VAT    Incl. VAT   
 First family member  € 50,00  € 60,50  
 Partner  € 25,00  € 30,25  
 Child  € 12,50  € 15,13  

 *Partners and children can only make use of the discount when they register at the same time as the first family member.


  • No payment of service fees will be required from those in the position of Researcher under Directive (EU) 2016/801 ("PHD-students") working at an organisation or institution that are included in Public_Register_Scientific_Reseacher_Directive_EU_2016801.pdf
  • Employees of LUMC and Leiden University are exempted from paying fees.
  • Employees of EMA (European Medicines Agency) are exempted from paying fees.
  • Bachelors’ and masters’ graduates are exempted from paying fees for their Orientation Year Permit granted by the IND.
  • New businesses will be excluded from paying fees during their first year of residence in the Leiden Region or for their first 5 employee applications, whichever occurs first.

Please bring proof if this applies to you.

We do not register students.

Please note that payment in cash is not possible.