The registration with the municipality in the Personal Records Database (BRP) will continue to be free of charge. Please note that the services of Expat Centre Leiden which are in addition to the registration in the BRP will incur a service fee. 

 The applicable fees are (additional to municipal registration/BSN)     Excl. VAT    Incl. VAT   
 First family member  € 50,00  € 60,50  
 Partner  € 25,00  € 30,25  
 Child  € 12,50  € 15,13  

 *Partners and children can only make use of the discount when they register at the same time as the first family member.

Exemptions from 2020 January 1st onwards

  • Employees of LUMC are exempted from paying fees.
  • Employees of Leiden University are exempted from paying fees.

Please bring proof if this applies to you.

We do not register students.

Please note that payment in cash is not possible.