The Netherlands is in the top 5 of the most competitive economies in the world. A residence permit as 'start-up' gives ambitious starters a year to start an innovative company in the Netherlands.


Next to the general conditions that apply to everyone, the following conditions apply if you want to obtain a residence permit as a start-up: 

  • Collaboration with a reliable and experienced facilitator. 
  • The product or the service is innovative. 
  • The start-up entrepreneur has a (step-by-step) plan in order to move from idea to business. 
  • The start-up entrepreneur and the facilitator are both registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • There are sufficient financial means (resources) to be able to reside and live in the Netherlands. 
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A facilitator must meet certain conditions: 

  • Have experience in guiding innovative start-ups. 
  • Be financially sound. 
  • May not, in any case, be in receivership or bankrupt and must have no negative equity. 
  • May not have a majority interest in the start-up company. 
  • May not be a family member up to the third degree. 
  • Have a deputy within the organisation. 

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) assesses whether the facilitator meets the above conditions. 

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