Leaving the Netherlands

You wish to or must leave the Netherlands for a period longer than 8 months? On this page, you can find information about voluntary or mandatory departure from the Netherlands.  

If you are leaving The Netherlands, you are required to de-register from the Municipal Personal Record Database (Basisregistratie Personen - BRP). The municipality of the town you live in will update your details accordingly, and will automatically inform other government authorities of your departure.  

To de-register:  

  • If people are remaining at the address: You will need to make an appointment at your Town Hall. In this case all family members (including minors) have to be present for the de-registration appointment.  

  • If nobody will remain at the address: For Leiden, you can de-register using this form. For people registered in other municipalities, please refer to your local Town Hall.  

It is possible to obtain an official document which states that you have de-registered. If you require this, you will also need to make an appointment.  

Ending your registration is possible from one month to five days prior to your departure from the Netherlands.  

It is important to notify the municipality of your departure. Failing to do so could result in financial consequences.  

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