Discover the Region from the Water

Leiden has the most water flowing within its gates after Amsterdam. Leiden's historic inner city has a total of 28 kilometres of canals. Crossing these canals requires bridges. Leiden's inner city has 88. Leiden is great to be viewed from the water! The historic city looks very different from the water.

Leiden's cruise companies have a broad range of round trips and cruises on offer, or you can rent your own little boat.

The Leiden canals pass along the museums, Leiden's almshouse courtyards and many historic buildings with magnificent façades. Also, there are food and drink establishments in many places near the canals, often with a terrace immediately on the water. Leiden is also a convenient departure point for great day trips to the surrounding area. De Kaag and Braassemmermeer are around the corner and towns or cities like Katwijk Delft and Rotterdam are within easy reach by boat.

Using Your Own Boat

Leiden is easily accessible using your own boot. Quays are low and there are moorings everywhere. There are dinghy jetties in strategic locations and moorings along various quays. It is important to bear in mind that a number of bridges are relatively low. Leiden has two passenger ports. The passenger port at Beestenmarkt is set up for day trippers. Staying here overnight is not allowed. However, overnight stays are allowed in the passenger port at the edge of the inner city. This port can only be reached from the east, via the Zijl, the Rhine-Schie Channel and the Old Rhine. The historic port has historic commercial ships which together form a stunning view of the port.

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