History of Taxi Centrale ELTAX

Taxi Centrale ELTAX was the first taxi service in Leiden, founded by the Ulden brothers in 1933. Since then  the company has not stood still, with the cherry on the cake having its own street name, namely the Eltaxhof. Which other taxi company can boast the same!


We have been the only taxi service in Leiden utilizing an electric Tesla since 2016. As off this year we have four Teslas in our fleet. In this way, we work on a more sustainable future.

The boss himself will be your driver

Taxi Centrale ELTAX is the only taxi exchange in Leiden of cooperating entrepreneurs. This makes us very service-oriented and reliable.

Customer communication

Taxi Centrale ELTAX uses text messages including links with your detailed itenarary and the location of your taxi. In addition we will be in contact whenever necessary by for example WhatsApp. This makes our service transparent at all times.

Try our Tesla Model S

Please try the taxifare calculator on our site www.eltax.taxi

Your own Taxi ELTAX account? Please contact expat@eltax.taxi



Contact details:

T: +31681289817 (also WhatsApp), Monday to Friday 9 to 19
E: Expat@eltax.taxi 
W: https://www.eltax.taxi/en 

Social media
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