EasyFiets will provide you with one thing: a good bike without any trouble.


Upon selecting the bike EasyFiets has a variety of bikes, so there is always a bike that will be perfect for you! We even have children’s bikes so the whole family can come along!

The process is very easy

  1. You pick your bike
  2. You sign up and determine the payment method (direct debit or credit card)
  3. You cycle away and enjoy the city
  4. If any problems arise, visit the shop and we’ll help you out. 

Second-hand refurbished bikes

Our bikes are second-hand and refurbished. We make sure every bike rides perfect, but they are not new. We believe we already have enough bikes in Holland so there’s no need to import more bikes. We just need to recycle them better! And that’s what we do. 

Visit us

So visit our shop at Haagweg 8 and see our bikes for yourself. We are always happy to inform you even more in person.


Visiting address:
Haagweg 8
2311 AA, Leiden 

Contact details:
T +31 71 7502450


 Social Media: 

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