Dutch taxes explained and organized. 

The TaxSavers is an all-round tax firm. We can assist you with all your questions regarding your Dutch taxes, the M-form and the annual income tax return. 

We have extensive experience in the financial services industry and with filing tax returns The TaxSavers has been set up to assist clients with the increasing demand in filing their tax returns. Especially in more complex situations, such as after buying or selling a house, or the financial results of other impactful financial or life events.

The Dutch tax system

If you have income when you live in the Netherlands, you are required to pay taxes on your income. You have to declare your income through your annual tax return. Usually, your employer withholds your income tax monthly from your salary. This is called wage tax on your salary slip.

Even though you already paid the income tax through the monthly deduction from your salary, you often still need to file an income tax return. The Belastingdienst will send you a blue letter when you are required to file an income tax return.

The annual income tax return

Every year from 1 March it is that time again: you have to file your annual income tax return. It is important that the tax return is correct and that you don’t pay too much or too little. The TaxSavers helps you with filing a complete and correct tax return.

The M-form

If you moved to the Netherlands you are required to file a migration tax return form (also called the M-form). Most expats will receive a tax refund because they didn’t live in the Netherlands for the whole year and therefore paid too much income tax. The M-form is a large document that is only available in the Dutch language, you might wonder why, but unfortunately, that is the case. Also, it is only available in a paper version of 43 pages and needs to be filled out the old-fashioned way: by pen! The TaxSavers have the mandate to directly file the M-form for you so it saves you time (and probably speeds up your tax return). 

Buying a house

Buying your own house has a big impact on the yearly tax return. For example, it is possible to deduct certain costs from your income. On the other hand, you have to add a tax addition to your income because you own a house. The TaxSavers is happy to help you make the best use of these deductible items.

We make the tax return process transparent and with our tips and advice, our clients become well-equipped for filing their returns in the future. Do you need advice about your M-form, the annual income tax return or do you have other questions? Visit the website for more information or give us a call on: +31 (0)20 – 2170120.

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