hbk logo rgbHBK tax advisors, accountants, & expat consultants

HBK expat consultants provides expert advice in the area of international tax and social security issues. Whether you are an individual looking for assistance with your tax return, or you represent a company who could use a fresh view on managing tax and social security issues with regard to your expatriate population, HBK can provide you with tailor-made assistance!


LIMES International: Taxes and Immigration Services

When it comes to international activities,  everyone comes across fiscal issues, as well as related questions. An integrated approach is essential in coping with these issues. LIMES international advises companies and private individuals with their cross-border activities.


taxsavers_ht70.pngThe TaxSavers 
The TaxSavers is an all-round tax firm. We can assist you with all questions about Dutch taxes, the M-form, and the annual income tax return. Visit our website for more information or just give us a call on +31 (0)20 – 2170120.