De Clercq Lawyers and Notary

Our notaries’ department has many years of experience in advising expats on the legal aspects of buying property and setting up a business in The Netherlands. We are experienced in family law and estate planning. We keep a high service level and we know what expats find important. Please contact our notary Janbert Heemstra if you have any questions or if you want to know the costs of our services.


logo_rwv_advocaten.pngRWV Lawfirm

RWV has a 125-year reputation for reliability. They employ some 30 lawyers, which means that they're large enough to accommodate specialists in just about every area of the law so that they can deal with any legal problem you might have. At the same time, they have a relatively small team of lawyers, who benefit from short lines of communication and take a close, personal interest in your case.


Van den Heuvel Lawfirm

Our office specializes in Dutch immigration law and employment law. Van den Heuvel has years of experience working for the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) before starting immigration services independently. We further offer legal services to employers and employees in employment matters. Please visit our website for more information.