Since December 2019, the COVID-19 virus (colloquially referred to as the coronavirus) has been spreading. With news media covering the virus extensively, it is important to know where to find information and updates about the impacts of the virus on the Netherlands.

Measures Expat Centre Leiden region

As a result of the measures taken by the RIVM regarding the coronavirus, we have facilitated a temporary visiting address and adjusted opening hours until further notice.

Stadskantoor Leiden, booth 0.22
Bargelaan 190
2333 CW Leiden

  • Mondays | 9:00-12:30 - for registrations (appointment only)
  • Wednesdays | 9:00- 16:30 - for registrations (appointment only)

Walk-ins without an appointment are temporarily stopped to minimize contact due to the coronavirus.

You can find more information about appointments here.

Please note : Due to COVID-19, Leiden Municipality wants to keep appointments for registration as short as possible. There is no need to bring additional documents, like a birth certificate or marriage certificate. You will have to make a seperate appointment with Leiden Municipality after your first registration to show any additional documents, by calling the customer service department - phone number 14071. Please mention you would like to make an appointment for "inleveren bron documenten wonen."

Travel Measures 

Find out the latest information about test requirements, quarantine advice and travel exemptions on the Dutch government's website.

The Dutch Public Health Instance (RIVM)

Being the main organisation in the Netherlands that is leading the countermeasures against the coronavirus, the RIVM's page on the outbreak contains most of the relevant information on combating the virus, as well as links to prior discussions.

For the newest measures against the coronavirus, see the government's website. More information on the curfew can be found here


Everyone living in the Netherlands, including expats, is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination. This overview will give you more information on the vaccination programme in the Netherlands and if and when you will receive an invitation. 

Municipality Information

With the wide-spread nature of the impacts of COVID-19, the service provision of municipalities has also been impacted.

Leiden Municipality

Municipality Oegstgeest

The following municipalities have their Corona webpages in Dutch. Use Google Chrome's Translate function to read the provided information.

Municipality Voorschoten

Municipality Zoeterwoude

Municipality Leiderdorp

Moving during lockdown

Moving to a new country can be difficult, but doing so during a lockdown can be even more challenging. Here you can find more important information on the essentials when moving to the Leiden region. 

Immigratie en Naturalisatie Dienst (IND)

You can find information by the IND as per usual on the IND website. Please note that due to Covid-19, the IND will temporarily offer very limited services to minimise possible exposure to the virus. Find more information here

Your Company and the Coronavirus

If you are a business owner, the economic impacts of the coronavirus may be hard to deal with. This article by the Dutch government approaches some of the issues that you may encounter, and highlights some of the services or websites you can go to for further information.

There are temporary measures in place to help entrepreneurs and self-employed people. These measures have been extended to internationals in the Netherlands in these abnormal circumstances.

FAQ - International Employment during COVID-19

Can my employee from abroad travel and move to the Netherlands ?

Whether you can travel to the Netherlands depends on your situation. An entry ban applies to some people travelling to the Netherlands from countries outside Europe. Europe means: EU countries, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom. The entry ban does not apply to everyone. Please find most detailled information here

Does my employee has to go in self-quarantaine upon arrival ?

Travellers arriving in the Netherlands from certain countries and regions should self-quarataine for 10 days. Even if they do not have symptoms or if they have tested negative for COVID-19. Once in the Netherlands, they can self-quarantaine at home or in a temporary or holiday accomodation. If your employee has already has a set appointment for BRP registration or BSN, please reschedule the appointment to a date after the period of self-quarantaine. All measures regarding travelling during COVID-19, are updated on the Dutch government website

I am an employer, educational or research institution. Because of the measures against the coronavirus, my employee or student cannot come to the Netherlands. Do I need to report this to the IND?

Yes, under your obligation to provide information, you must report changes to the IND within 4 weeks. For example in the following situations:

  • The employee that I have applied for residence for is no longer coming to the Netherlands.
  • The employee or student that I have applied for residence for is coming to the Netherlands later than indicated in the application.
  • The employee or student with a residence permit cannot return to the Netherlands. As a result, they can no longer meet the conditions associated with the residence permit. For example, a highly skilled worker will earn less than the required salary in the coming period, because they cannot work.

Report these and other changes that are important for the right of residence in the Business Portal, DVS or use one of the notification forms on the IND website and make sure that you record these situations in your administration because of your duty to keep records. You can find more information regarding your legal obligations and the notification forms on the following IND web pages for recognized sponsors for labour purposes and for recognized sponsors for scientific researchers

As a result of the measures against the coronavirus I am not able to report changes on time. What should I do?

Under the obligation to provide information, you must report changes to the IND within 4 weeks. For example, registrations and de-registrations. If you cannot manage to do this within 4 weeks, please indicate in each case why it is being reported too late. Report this in the Business Portal, DVS or use one of the notification forms on the IND website. The IND will take into account the facts and circumstances mentioned when handling the notification.

I am an employer and have received assistance under the short-time working scheme (wtv), which has since been discontinued. As a result, temporarily my employee does not meet the applicable income requirements. What next?

If temporarily your employee does not meet the wage criteria because of your reliance on the wtv scheme, this will not affect their residence permit. Their permit will not be revoked as a result. The IND is handling this situation flexibly. Under the obligation to provide information, you must report this to the IND within 4 weeks. Report this in the Business Portal or use one of the notification forms on the IND website. And make sure that you record these situations in your administration because of your duty to keep records.

I would like to save on my labour costs. Are there consequences if I let my employee work fewer hours or take unpaid leave?

Your employee must meet certain monthly income requirements. These still apply. Does your employee's salary fall below the required amount due to the measures you take? This may have an impact on the employee's residence permit. The IND can withdraw the residence permit. According to the existing obligation to provide information, if your employee no longer meets the income requirements you must report this to the IND within 4 weeks. Have you applied for assistance under the short-time working scheme (wtv)? Read more about this under the question 'I am an employer and have received assistance under the short-time working scheme (wtv) – see above - which has now been withdrawn. For more information on financial arrangements, such as the Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure for Sustained Employment (NOW), please find more detailled information here

As a result of the limited services at the IND desks, my employee(s) cannot receive a residence endorsement sticker allowing them to work. Can I still legally allow my employee(s) to work now?

Yes, even without a residence endorsement sticker, your employee(s) may work as long as the issued residence permit allows. Residence documents are temporarily only being issued to clients who have travelled to the Netherlands with a regular provisional residence permit (mvv).

New hires starting from abroad

People who cannot travel to the Netherlands because of travel restrictions and need to start working abroad need a BSN or Citizen Service Number for the employer's payroll administration. During COVID-19 crisis you can ONLY TEMPORARILY apply for a Burgerservicenummer (BSN ) for the employee abroad at the Dutch Tax Office, by using this form. When filling in the form, you can leave box 2 open. When the employee travels to the Netherlands to live and work, he/she still needs to register at the town hall for the Municipal Personal Records Database ( BRP ). Working from abroad may have consequences for their Dutch residence permit, residence rights in country they start working from, social security and taxes.

Are there any social or tax consequences for my employees if they are working from home due to corona measures?

Please find more information about this in this article on our website.

Do you have any other questions , or would like to know more about the government measures regarding international employees and businesses?

You can find more information on the following websites:

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