In the Netherlands, if you own a vehicle, you must have minimum liability insurance for cars to cover the cost of damage to the involved (other) vehicle and persons, the Legal Liability Insurance (Wettelijke aansprakelijkheidsverzekering, WA-verzekering).

A variety of car insurance add-ons is available covering, for instance, damage to your own car, theft, joyriding etc..  The common type of comprehensive car insurance is called All-risk or Volledige Caso car insurance, which includes almost all costs of damage.

Like in many other countries, Dutch insurers apply a  “bonus-malus” system. A no-claims bonus is a discount car insurers offer you if you can stay claim free for an extended period of time. Depending on which insurer you are with, every year you go without a claim will lead to a larger discount.

However, your no-claims bonus will be cut – the malus - if you make a claim, but the size of the cut varies between insurers. Insurers also have different policies based on age of the insured and on the region.

Obtain a no-claim statement from your current insurance company.

Car insurances are offered by various branches of business– insurance companies, banks, car dealers - and many companies within the branches. For finding an adequate car insurance you might also use comparing platforms.