Leiden Expat Center


Welcome to Leiden

The Expat Centre Leiden is open Mondays 9.00-13.00, Wednesdays 13.00-17.00, Thursdays 9.00-13.00 and Fridays 9.00-13.00.

The Leiden area is a booming knowledge region. It is home to the Leiden University, the Leiden Bio Science Park, the aerospace cluster and the floral industry. Apart from offering challenging jobs, the Leiden region is an excellent location for living and recreation.

The Expat Centre Leiden provides a warm welcome to expats who live and work in the Leiden region. We will help you find answers to questions about the issues you will deal with when settling in the Netherlands. Our dedicated expat officers will answer your questions and offer you advice on a wide range of topics. You can email your questions to info@expatcentreleiden.nl or visit the Expat Centre Leiden at the Tourist Information (VVV, Stationsweg 26, Leiden).



Last update: 11-05-2016


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