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Welcome to Leiden

The Leiden area is a booming knowledge region. It is  home to the Leiden University, the Leiden Bio Science Park, the aerospace cluster and the floral industry. Apart from offering challenging jobs, the Leiden region is an excellent location for living and recreation. 

The Expat Centre Leiden provides a warm welcome to expats who live and work in the Leiden region. We will help you find answers to questions about the issues you will deal with when settling in the Netherlands. Our dedicated expat officers will answer your questions and offer you advice on a wide range of topics. You can email your questions to welcome@expatcentreleiden.nl or visit the Expat Centre Leiden at the VVV Leiden (Tourist information Centre, Stationsweg 26, Leiden).
Last update: 11-05-2016


New manager for Expat Centre Leiden 22 August 2016

As of 16 August, the Expat Centre Leiden has employed a new manager, Corine van der Ceelen. Van der Ceelen, herself an expat in Malaysia and India...more

Volunteering in Leiden- ACCESS Information Morning 2016 21 August 2016

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer in Leiden and helping fellow internationals? Join the ACCESS Information Morning as they recruit...more

Rental brokers Tweelwonen grows to 9 branches in the Randstad in 2016/2017. 12 August 2016

Tweelwonen has proven itself over the years as the specialist for residential mediation in Leiden. Especially their experience in housing for...more


Sep 02
vanPolanen presents: Dany Lademacher's wild romance 'Out of Heaven Tour'

  The one and only Wild Romance, now under the inspiring guidance of Dany Lademacher. Rockin’ all over the world since 1976. The was inspired by the line “and I lost my mind in a wild romance” from a song by the American jazz- and blues singer Mose Allison.
In 1977, the Belgian Dany Lademacher started to get involved with the band, which immediately resulted in one of the most iconic and legendary rock songs recorded by the Dutch group: the legendary Saturday Night off the equally legendary album Shpritsz.


Sep 09
RAW ENERGY in the meelfabriek

  The exhibition ‘Raw Energy’ will take place in one of the former industrial complex buildings. Five Dutch artists, whose creations embody the theme of the exhibition in a variety of manners, will present some of their recent works at this unique location. The artists, Ankie van Dongen, Judith de Haas, Krijn de Koning, Jan van der Ploeg and Roesja Trimbos, created works of art that tie in with the unpolished, raw state of steel and stone of the former factory.


Sep 10
Open Monument Day

  Open Monument Day 2016 will take place in the weekend of 10 and 11 September and this year’s theme is “Iconen en symbolen” (Icons and Symbols). The theme marks the 30th edition of the event, and it refers to images and symbols with a unique extra meaning, transcending itself. You see them everywhere in monuments: on the inside and outside, in ornaments, reliefs and paintings. The monument itself may also have an iconic value in the landscape or city, such as church towers, windmills, city halls and castles.