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Welcome to Leiden

The Leiden area is a booming knowledge region. It is  home to the Leiden University, the Leiden Bio Science Park, the aerospace cluster and the floral industry. Apart from offering challenging jobs, the Leiden region is an excellent location for living and recreation. 

The Expat Centre Leiden provides a warm welcome to expats who live and work in the Leiden region. We will help you find answers to questions about the issues you will deal with when settling in the Netherlands. Our dedicated expat officers will answer your questions and offer you advice on a wide range of topics. You can email your questions to welcome@expatcentreleiden.nl or visit the Expat Centre Leiden at the Visitor Centre (Stationsweg 41, Leiden).
Last update: 19-11-2013


Winter Wonder Weeks 6 November 2014

From 6 November until 4 January 2015, Leiden will be submerged in the atmospheric cosiness of the Winter Wonder Weeks. Seven events will take place...more

Zorg en Zekerheid 6 November 2014

Zorg en Zekerheid is the healthcare insurer in your area cooperating with Expat Centre Leiden and is committed to ensuring good healthcare which is...more

Mammoth in Rijksmuseum van Oudheden 18 October 2014

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden has created a new children’s exhibition entitled Ice Age (IJstijd), and, for the occasion, a life-size mammoth...more


Nov 28
Ex Animo: Kinot & Mozart’s Requiem

 In honour of its 95th anniversary, the Leiden oratorio society EX ANIMO will perform the premiere of an oratorio which was composed exclusively for the choir.


Nov 29
Surprising Shopping Weekend “Kids”

 This Surprising Shopping Weekend is all about kids. Both on Saturday and Sunday, fun activities and workshops tailored to the wishes of kids (aged 4-7 and 7-12) will take place in the city.


Dec 01
Movies That Matter Children

In response to the criminalization of  "propaganda for homosexuality (amongst the young)" by the regime of Vladimir Putin Elena Klimova starts Children 404, an online forum for Russian LGBTs in their teens. Part of Children 404 is a team of counselors who offer free on line advise.