Employment Law and Benefits

Newcomers who start working in the Netherlands are often confronted with various matters concerning Dutch labour law

The laws which cover labour and employment in the Netherlands are diverse. Dutch legislation covers key areas such as trial periods, holidays, notice and dismissal, minimum wages, health and safety and equal treatment.  

Employees in the Netherlands are relatively well protected by the rules of Dutch Labour Law. However, expats cannot always rely on all the legal safeguards that have been created for Dutch residents. For expats Dutch law may not always be applicable. In principle, an international’s personal employment contract will determine the specific conditions. 

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Other components of employment law relevant to internationals are:  

  • The review of employment contracts;  
  • Determining which law is applicable to the employment contract;  
  • Collective Labour Agreement (CAO);  
  • Salary claims;  
  • Redundancy proceedings and settlements, severance payments;  
  • Unemployment insurance benefit (WW);  
  • Employee sickness issues.