Tuberculosis Testing


Those exempt from testing meet the following criteria: 

  • The applicant holds the nationality of one of the countries listed in the appendix ‘Exemption from the obligation to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test’; 
  • The applicant has a valid residence permit for the Netherlands; 
  • The applicant was born in the Netherlands and have always lived here; 
  • The applicant underwent a TB test in the Netherlands less than six months ago; 
  • The applicant holds an EU residence permit for long-term residency issued by another EU country or is a family member and was already admitted to another EU country as a family member of the long-term resident. 
Exemption from the obligation to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test
Doctors table.


Adults are tested initially by X-ray. The conditions for tuberculosis testing for children are different to those for adults 


 X ray 

 Skin test 

 Blood test 

Children under 6 years 



 Compulsory when skin test is not available 

Children 6-12 years 




Children 12-18 years 




Mother and child on a windowsill.

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