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until 25 November

Club Guy & Roni, Navdhara India Dance & Slagwerk Den Haag - Fortune


Leidse Schouwburg
Oude Vest 43
2312XS Leiden
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In Fortune the choreographers Roni Haver, Guy Weizman, Ashley Lobo, the dancers and the musicians each in their own way go in search of the meaning of the wonderful gift of life.

How do you find meaning when nothing lasts forever? Where do you seek happiness when being happy is “just the way you feel” at any given moment? How do you live in the here and now when the next challenge lies just around the corner?  
The universal law of change is that nothing stays the same. Our neatly asphalted roads, beautiful houses, accumulated possessions, love, suffering, all are finite. Frightening though it might seem, perhaps it’s this impermanence that makes life so amazing.  The dance performance Fortune is the result of a fascination with this impermanence that is inherent of nature. This is a dance performance that travels through India like a road movie, illustrating the wonder of life with a chain of images, impressions, and moments.