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Essential Dutch Apps  

The following apps or websites are very popular amongst the Dutch, as they make life so much easier. Find out why:  

Buienradar – to find out if rain is on the way. The Dutch don’t like to be caught out in the rain when they are cycling. Based on Buienradar you can decide to stay indoors a little longer, take alternative transport, bring your umbrella or put your rainwear on.  

Marktplaats – to sell or buy second-hand items. More popular than E-bay.    

Tikkie - to send payment requests. This comes in handy when you and your Dutch friends have agreed to go Dutch. One person pays the bill and then sends a ‘tikkie’ to the others. Also used for payment on ‘Marktplaats’ (the Dutch E-bay), flea markets etc.  

Datumprikker – to find a date for a group event. Since the Dutch generally have such busy agendas, planning a get-together with multiple people can be a real challenge. Datumprikker allows you to enter a list of dates and send a link to everyone by which they can indicate on which of these dates they can make it. After everyone has responded, the date on which most or (hopefully) all people can make is, is chosen.  

9292 – to plan your journey by public transport.  

NS– to plan your journey by train.  

Flitsmeister – to warn you about speed cameras and tell you what speed you should be doing. Also informs you about traffic jams.  

Bol – to shop for books, DVDs, toys, electronics and much more.  

Picnic – to shop for groceries and get them home-delivered. An online supermarket, basically.  

Appie– to shop for groceries and get them home-delivered. This is the app of the Dutch supermarket chain ‘Albert Heijn’. (Since well before apps were introduced, many Dutch people have lovingly nicknamed this supermarket ‘Appie’ (a slightly dated abbreviation for ‘Albert’), which was later gratefully used by their marketing team to name the app.)  

Thuisbezorgd – to order food. Delivery from an array of restaurants around the region.  

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