If you are planning to stay less than three years, renting is probably your best option. You are spared the inconvenience of arranging major repairs or maintenance, as well as the risk of not being able to sell the property before your departure back home. There are many options for renting a property in the private sector in the Leiden area– both fully furnished and unfurnished.  

Finding a suitable home for you and your family is not easy if you lack knowledge of the local market. As an expat, you will require several non-standard conditions to be added to a tenancy agreement. For example, a diplomatic clause, which enables you to end a contract more easily.  

Couple receiving house keys.

It may be useful to note the following facts if you plan to rent a property:  

  • You will pay rent in advance on a monthly basis.  
  • A months’ worth of rent as deposit is common. Some landlords require two months' rent. The deposit will be refunded as soon as possible after the lease has been ended.  
  • Major maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. Minor repairs are your own responsibility.  

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