Documents to Bring

Please bring these documents to your registration appointment at the Expat Centre Leiden


Mandatory Documents

  • Valid proof of identity: passport or ID-card. A driving licence is not sufficient.  

  • Valid birth certificate.*  

  • Bring a letter or document of your job appointment. It must include the company's name and your function within the company.  

Additionally, these are mandatory in specific cases:  

  • You are non-EU: bring your Residence permit (visa or permit).  

  • You are married or divorced: bring a recently issued original marriage or divorce certificate.*  

  • You do not have a home address yet: bring the completed and signed 'address registration form'.  

  • You are a Privileged Person: bring your Privileged person's identity (MFA) card.*  

  • You have an address: bring proof of address (lease agreement, declaration of the owner of the address or a purchase contract).  

  • You are a bachelor/master graduate bring proof of your Orientation Year Permit granted by the IND.  

* Make sure the documents are in the correct language and are legalised/apostilled.  

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