Career, Science, Balance

The Leiden Region is the hotspot for talented people and has been for decades. With the oldest Dutch university and businesses having high percentages of foreign employees (up to 80%), the international economy and community is shooting through the roof.

Develop your career with passion and live a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle in the Leiden Region.

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The Leiden region has the #1 investment climate in the country.

In a study by Deloitte Real Estate Advisory, 7,000 entrepeneurs themselves ranked reach, availability of talent, availablity of work locations, quality of life, and municipal services. 

Everything at Arm's Length

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In the lively and thriving West Holland, where most businesses and people take root, the Leiden region is the cosy, dynamic, and historic pearl. Leiden is arm's length from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. 

angelo brewing 2Every year new talent floods into the Leiden region:

  • There's an increasing number of international students, resulting in more highly educated graduates who are eager for knowledge and work.
  • Leiden's students score highest on how successfully they fit into the labour market.
  • The Leiden Bio Science Park, the largest life sciences cluster in the Netherlands, employs 19.000 people.
  • The Leiden University is the oldest in all of the Netherlands and ranks amongst the top 100 worldwide.
  • Companies broaden their horizons by employing more and more internationals.

Expect a Warm Welcome

There are corporate introduction programs for businesses that hire internationals. They provide the opportunity for the new employees to get to know their coworkers, the area, the culture, and more.

Vacancy Portals

Leiden Bio Science Park                  Leiden University                 Leiden University Medical Center                British School in The Netherlands                 American School of The Hague                Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest International School             Rijnlands International School Wassenaar                Elckerlyc International Primary School                Teddy Kids Daycare

Volunteer Work

 ACCESS Netherlands                I-doe