In the Netherlands, when someone is introduced to you, he/she will shake hands with you and state his/her name. Upon leaving, you shake hands again and thank the person in question for the visit /meeting.

Dutch people are quick to start calling people by their first name. When you meet someone in the Netherlands, you generally call them sir or madam, but soon enough people will ask you to just call them by their first name.

You might find the custom of social kissing a bit over the top, the Dutch, however, do it frequently. Mind you, it is only done amongst people who know each other rather well! People kiss each other on the cheeks two or three times, every time they meet. This is not compulsory. If you do not want to be kissed, just extend your hand for a handshake.

New people should be greeted with a handshake as for longer term friends 3 kisses on the cheek is common

When leaving a somebody no matter which part of the day- always say: “DAG” or more informal “DOEI” (bye).