Planning and meetings

meeting.jpgIn common business contact, meetings or negotiations are often quick and efficient. The Dutch place great importance on planning and the efficient use of time. Punctuality is regarded as a virtue, although apologies for a late arrival will be accepted good-naturedly. In general it's important to always be on time. Do not stay longer than necessary. If you are delayed, ring ahead. Do not cancel your appointment on short notice. The Dutch also don't expect you to arrive uninvited or unexpected. 

Writing e-mails or letters

The Dutch do not use titles when they talk to people. In writing, you can state a title, but this is only done in official letters.

Making phone calls

In Dutch business it's important to know how to handle a phone call. In general the dutch always state their name (and if necessary their company name). Even when calling a taxi, order a pizza, or ask for information, it is polite to mention your name. When someone calls you, do the same: pick up the phone and mention your name (and company name).

Meet and greet

The Dutch speak directly and use ample eye contact. In the Netherlands, when someone is introduced to you, he/she will shake hands with you and state his/her name. Upon leaving, you shake hands again and thank the person in question for the visit /meeting.