How to be even more successful in dealing with the Dutch

The one thing that is key in successfully engaging with the Dutch is intercultural understanding. Intercultural Training Services have launched a new course so you can learn just that.

Being aware of the do’s and don’ts when interacting with the locals, is a great start. Your contact with the Dutch will be even more successful and enjoyable, however, if you come to know why these particular social rules are there, what cultural values underlie them and how this relates to your own culture. All of this will be part of our full-day Dutch intercultural course.

How cultural understanding will benefit you

Dutch intercultural understanding will benefit you on several levels during your stay in the Netherlands, for example by increasing your productivity at work, by improving your personal and company image, by reducing personal stress and by preventing unnecessary irritation, immediate confusion or misunderstanding down the line.

Course contents

During our full-day Dutch intercultural course we will start by providing you with the necessary background info about The Netherlands, as we take you on a geographical and historical tour of the country. We then move onto culture, and how culture affects the human condition, followed by intercultural communication topics such as verbal vs non-verbal communication, conflict resolution, risk propensity and time perception. Needless to say we will also take plenty of time to go into Dutch social and corporate culture.

It will be an intensive, interactive and fun day, with an inspiring teacher, a small group of attendees and lots of interaction. So come and join us for the day and build on your Dutch intercultural understanding!

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