Naturalis closed for a while

Until mid-2019, Naturalis will be working hard on the refurbishment of Europe’s most engaging and innovative family museum. However, this does not mean that our amazing collection cannot be admired: is always open. At you will find lots of information about our biodiversity research, you can pay a digital visit to our unique nature collection and you can keep track of the museum’s refurbishment process.

Building the future

The new Naturalis is the meeting place for everyone who wants to discover and learn more about nature. Unlike anywhere else, young and old are immersed in a world of observing, activities and experiences. Naturally, our T.rex Trix will be given a place of honour in one of the nine brand-new exhibition rooms.

Europe’s most engaging family museum

Naturalis will take you on an adventure and show you the first life on earth, the Netherlands in the Ice Age, the primeval forces of planet earth and the surprising flirting methods of plants and animals. The spectacular building is an inviting place.

Darwinweg 2 2333 CR LEIDEN