Museum De Lakenhal

Experience the city culture of Leiden from the 16th century to the present day. The Lakenhal, once the centre of the Leiden cloth industry, houses masterpieces by Lucas van Leyden, Rembrandt, Jan Steen and many other celebrated masters. In the museum’s stylish exhibition rooms you can enjoy collections of tin, tiles, glass and silver. The temporary exhibitions reflect traditional and present-day art, and display contemporary and historic artefacts.
After years of renovation, the museum De Lakenhal has been re-opened to the public by King Willem-Alexander in June 2019. The renovation works' aim was to concile the ancient design of the building with a more modern interpretation, joining these two styles with harmony. From renaissance art to more contemporary interpretations, this museum can satisfy the expectations of each visitor! 

Seven key themes can be identifies among the 23.000 objects exposed:

  • The Siege and Relief of Leiden
  • Leiden as the birthplace of the Golden Age
  •  Leiden University City
  •  Devotion in the Middle Ages
  •  Renaissance
  •  Seven centuries of Leiden cloth
  •  Collectors in the 18th centuries modern age



Young RembrandtRising Star - November 2nd 2019 until February 9th 2020.

Oude Singel 32 2312 RA LEIDEN
tel 071 516 5360