Museum de Bommelzolder

Marten Toondermuseum ‘De Bommelzolder’ in Zoeterwoude is a museum about the author and cartoonist Marten Toonder.

Toonder created  the figures mr. Oliver B. Bommel en Tom Puss. He wrote and drew 177 stories (with more than 40.000 pictures), which were edited  from 1941 – 1998 in several newspapers. All his stories were not only published in newspapers, but also in books. 
The stories are  filosofical and give an ironic view on our society. Toonder was influenced by the Irish Celtic culture.
He had lived in Ireland for 35 years, where he recognised the landscape that he had drawn earlier.
Translation of his work is very difficult, because he uses a lot of neologisms, understood by Dutch people, but almost impossible to translate.

Weipoortseweg 33 2381 NC Zoeterwoude
tel 071 580 4812