De Valk Windmill Museum

With its seven floors and 29 metres of height, the De Valk Windmill Museum in Leiden is hard to miss.

It is the last remaining windmill of the original nineteen that once stood on Leiden’s ramparts. It has seven floors, all of which are open to the public. After the death of miller Willem van Rhijn, the mill became a museum in 1966.
Downstairs you can see the only remaining miller’s house in the Netherlands and from the gallery you can enjoy the fantastic view over Leiden. The blades run regularly.

You can watch a video that tells in four different languages the story of how mills developed and how they work. In the museum shop there is a range of mill articles for sale. With De Valk and some eight more mills within the municipal boundaries, Leiden is truly a city of windmills.

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2e Binnenvestgracht 1 2312 BZ LEIDEN
tel 071 516 5353