Rembrandt was born on 15 July 1606 at Weddesteeg in Leiden where he lived for the first 26 years of his life. These were important years. He studied classics at the Latin school and then decided to become a painter. Once fully trained, he set up as an independent painter in Leiden. Many master pieces were created in his Leiden workshop. Museum De Lakenhal has a painting on display from the painter's period in Leiden. In 1632, he left his birthplace to try his fortune in Amsterdam.

Every year, Rembrandt's birthday is celebrated. At midnight from 14 to 15 July, a wreath is laid by Rembrandt's bust statue at Witte Singel.

Unfortunately, the house in which Rembrandt was born, is no longer there. There is however a sculpture of Rembrandt at Weddesteeg Rembrandtplein, entitled: ‘The young Rembrandt’.

In Young Rembrandt's Footsteps

The Rembrandt Route starts from Museum De Lakenhal. It is a walking route linking all authentic Rembrandt locations in Leiden's inner city, such as Rembrandt's birthplace, his teacher's workshop (Jacob van Swanenburgh), and the Latin school attended by Rembrandt. The themed signs along the walking route provide an impression of Leiden at the time of Rembrandt.