About fifty-five percent of the Dutch population is a member of a religious community; in the Netherlands you will find a diversity of religions. The majority of those with a religious conviction are affiliated with a Christian church (the Roman Catholic church or the Protestant church), the Roman Catholic church being the largest. Approximately ten percent of the Dutch population practices other religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.



heilige lodeweik kerk 1The Church of Saint Louis (Heilige Lodeweikkerk)
Location: Steenschuur 19
2311 ES Leiden

The Church of Saint Louis, is located in the Leiden city centre. There is a growing group of English speaking parishioners who are visit and actively participate. There is an English mass every Sunday at 18.00. On the first Sunday of the month there is also, "coffee after mass," which is a wonderful opportunity to meet and socialize with other members of the church.


International Church Leideninternational_church.jpg
Location: Visser 't Hooft Lyceum, Vijfmeilaan 137, 2324 VV LEIDEN

ICL seeks to be a Christ centred international community planted to worship, grow and serve in the Leiden area and beyond. They are part of the local church in the Leiden area and desire to serve alongside others to see the Leiden area impacted by Jesus Christ.They are also a member of the VPE, a network of Pentecostal/Evangelical churches in the Netherlands and a partner church in the Fellowship of European International Churches.


St James Voorschotenbritish_school_in_the_netherlands_voorschoten.jpg
Location: BSN Senior School Jan van Hooflaan 3 2252 BG VOORSCHOTEN

St James is a vibrant international English-speaking Anglican church serving the Leiden area, offering a spiritual home to people of all ages and from all over the world.
Their main Sunday service is usually held at 10.30am at the BSN (British School in The Netherlands) Senior School in Voorschoten. 
11046256_680281275405867_3562450871634414075_n.pngThe Fruitful Vine Parish Leiden 
Location: Van Vollenhovenkade 15, 2313GG Leiden

The fruitful vine parish is a member of The Redeemed Christian Church of God [RCCG] worldwide. TFV is made up of a variety of people consisting of different nationalities, tribes & tongues. They have students, adults and Children in their midst. Worship at TFV has always been relaxed, informal, warm and welcoming. Their worship music consists of both traditional and contemporary styles. They enjoy dancing and praising God in a manner that changes lives. The Sunday morning worship service starts at 12:00am. 




alhijar.jpgMaroccan Mosque 
Location: Rembrandtstraat 10, 2311 VW Leiden

The Muslim Group Foundation is central for Muslims in the Leiden area. One of their main goals is to teach, guide, inform and advise from an Islamic point of view.

id_2548_leiden_moskee_vm_gk_petra_surinamestraat_rol_313_22.jpgTurkish Mosque 
Location: Curaçaostraat 3, 2315 XV Leiden

Mimar Sinan Camii, is a Turkish Mosque in Leiden. 




syn.jpgThe Jewish Congregation Leiden
Location: Levendaal 14, 2311 JL Leiden

The Jewish Municipality of Leiden is an active kehilla, with a lot of attention for education. New faces are welcomed with open arms. Most because Leiden is a university city, you also encounter many foreign faces in the kehilla of Leiden, or people who work or study in Leiden temporarily. The Jewish community Leiden gives lessons for children. The Jewish Congregation also has a study center that is located in the synagogue. The Study Center provides engaging courses for adults in the field of Judaism, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Jewish religion and culture. For both beginners and advanced students there is a coherent supply of education.




Location: Haarlemmerstraat 110 2312 DM LEIDEN

The Hartebrug Church in Leiden is a place for peace and prayer in the center of Leiden. The Hartebrug Church stands as an iconic monument in the Haarlemmerstraat, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. The church is open for visitors on Mondays from 12.30 and other weekdays from 8.30 to 16.30. Except on Sunday mornings there is also a Eucharistic celebration on Thursday afternoon at 12.30.



Hooglandse Kerk
Location: Nieuwstraat 20 2312 KC LEIDEN

The Hooglandse Church, an imposing late Gothic cross basilica in the heart of Leiden, stands where the Oude- en Nieuwe Rijn flock. It has been a place for meetings for centuries. 




Location: Lange Mare 48 2312 GS LEIDEN

The Mare Church is not te be missed: in the middle of Leiden stands the Mare Church with its recognizable round dome. This monumental building houses an active and hospitable reformed municipality, which is affiliated with the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. Twice a Sunday they come together to honor God, learn more about Him and meet one another. There are also activities during the week.



Location: Kloksteeg 16 2311 SL LEIDEN

The Pieters Church is a national monument with an (inter) national appearance. It has been the benchmark for Leiden for almost 900 years. The two keys of Peter are the symbol of Leiden and symbolically unlock the heaven gate and that of the world. This symbolism is reflected in the use of the Pieterskerk. A transformation from a catholic church to a reformed church and in today's time a multifunctional meeting place in a monument of special cultural-historical value, a national monument.



Sint Josephkerkoverzicht_schip_sint_josephkerk_leiden.jpg
Location: Herensingel 3 2316 JS LEIDEN

St. Joseph's Church belongs to the HH parish. Peter and Paul, that is part of the diocese of Rotterdam. A large building from the outside. From inside a beautiful church. Intended to meet Jesus and get to know Him better. A place of faith! In St. Joseph's Church people of all ages come from 0 to 90. A faith community that grows. The central point is the living Lord, present in the Holy Eucharist. There is time for Eucharistic worship and confessional hearings. Prayer groups, choirs, faith floor, children's catechesis, New Movements, support for a parish in Haiti ... everything can be found there. 


Sint Petruskerksint_petruskerk_leiden.jpg
Location: Lammenschansweg 40A 2313 DM LEIDEN

The parish church St. Peter is part of the parish HHPP Peter and Paul in Leiden. The church is built after a design by the architect A.J. Kropholler, who cooperated with ir. H.A. from Oerle. The church is the successor of the original St. Peter's Church on the Langebrug in the center of Leiden, which completely burned down in 1933.



Location: Pieterskerkstraat 1 2311 SV LEIDEN

The Lokhorst Church is a religious building in the Pieterswijk in the city centre of Leiden. The combined Mennonite and Remonstrant municipalities hold their worship there. It is a national monument.