About us

LIMES international is independent of any firm of accountants or auditors, potential conflicts of interest or Chinese walls. Our team of specialists offers integrated solutions for a broad range of services for all aspects of your cross border business in the following areas.

Our services

  • tax + expat
  • legal
  • payroll
  • immigration + relocation
  • pension + insurance
  • human resources
  • vat + customs

Specific expertise

  • tax efficient international business set ups
  • international reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions
  • tax treaties and profit repatriation
  • intercompany pricing issues
  • corporate tax audits
  • VAT registration and validation of VAT numbers
  • preliminary VAT and import duties analysis
  • set up and implementation of flexible assignment policies
  • arrival and departure meetings
  • international tax and social security planning
  • application of 30%-ruling for inbound and outbound expatriates
  • split salary and stock option schemes
  • tax compliance services
  • (international) employment contracts
  • international pension schemes
  • individual of collective terminations
  • tax and legal litigation issues
  • set up international (confidential) payroll
  • implementation of hypotax and tax equalization agreements
  • implementation of foreign social security and pension premiums
  • preparation of payslips,annual income statements andwage tax returns
  • preparation of custom management information
  • providing digital HR services
  • recruiting international HR executives or managers
  • ad-hoc or interim HR advice
  • residence and work permits
  • opening bank accounts
  • searching for (temporary) housing and schooling
  • partner career of volunteer programs 

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