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Cross border working? Turn complexity into opportunity!

HBK tax advisers & accountants provides expert advice in the area of global mobility, expatriate tax and international social security. We also provide assistance with residence and work permits.

Time for a niche advisor?

Whether you are about to start working abroad as an employee or entrepreneur, or the company you work for already has extensive experience with worldwide secondments, HBK can provide the tailor-made support. At HBK tax advisers, we have brought together all the necessary expertise specifically for this target group under the label HBK Expat Consultants. This means that we can apply our expertise to provide affordable, practical and tax-efficient support.

Are you thinking about recruiting personnel from abroad or will you be seconding one of your staff abroad? Then you will have a lot of questions: about the costs involved, the tax consequences for employer and employee as well as the social security aspects. At HBK we can answer all your questions and can assist you with the entire process.

HBK can also assist you if you are in need of an interim-solution in the field of expat tax, social security and/or payroll, either to temporarily replace one of your employees, or as a temporary addition of expertise to your existing team. HBK has experience in fulfilling these positions and can provide you with references of previous interim-assignments.

Global mobility tax, expatriate tax and social security planning

Employing people from abroad, assigning employees to a foreign country or even having your employees work in a foreign country for a short period can result in significant tax and social security advantages if you plan ahead carefully. HBK can inform you of the opportunities and recognize and avoid possible pitfalls.

Reviewing and designing of expatriate compensation packages and international assignment policies

HBK has seen and reviewed numerous assignment policies. When arranging a first assignment abroad for one of your employees, it is worthwhile to plan ahead and consider the consequences for possible future assignments, thus avoiding any precedents.

Expatriate payroll - Payroll scan

HBK can provide expatriate payroll services, including the implementation of the 30%-ruling, shadow-payroll, gross-ups and split-payroll or perform a payroll scan and review whether your payroll is in line with Dutch tax and social security legislation, including the most favorable way of applying the 30%-ruling, foreign days deduction and social security legislation.

Other services we provide to companies

  • Tax equalization calculations and advice on tax reimbursement methods
  • Preparation of Dutch income tax returns of the exxpat populations (including requests for preliminary Dutch tax refunds, review of and appeal against Dutch income tax assessments)
  • Application of the 30%-ruling
  • Application of A1-statements/Certificates of Coverage
  • Assistance with work and residence permits and knowledge migrant ruling
  • Hands-on assistance on-site
  • Training and education on-site

What can HBK do for employees & entrepreneurs (‘ZZP-ers’)

We also offer our particular expertise to provide affordable, practical and tax-efficient support to individuals in various fields, such as how you can start your own business while continuing to make use of the 30%-ruling, including assistance with the administrative requirements and much more, such as:

  • Preparation of the Dutch income tax returns, requests for preliminary Dutch tax refunds, review of and appeal against Dutch income tax assessments 
  • Application of the 30%-ruling
  • Establishing BV’s, administrative assistance, drawing up employment contracts
  • Application of A1-statements/Certificates of Coverage
  • Assistance with your emigration tax affairs
  • Reviewing of your expatriate compensation package

The personal approach fits us like a glove and enables us to find practical solutions that benefit our clients the most.

We welcome you to discuss your questions with us! 


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