Relocating to a country you’ve never lived in before is a major event and it will take some time before you feel at home. Nevertheless with the right people to guide and support you, the transition can be a smooth process and before you realize it you feel like a ‘local’ in The Netherlands.

For many years, PASBMS Immigration and Relocation Services has operated to guide numerous expatriate families into the social, cultural and professional world of The Netherlands.
Whether you’re an individual moving with or without your family or a company relocating one of your employee’s, we can assist with all aspects of the relocation process.
Our support starts from the moment the decision to relocate is made and doesn’t stop until you are fully settled in your new home and its surroundings. We offer a 24 Help Service up to 4 weeks after arrival, so there will always be someone to turn to with any questions or matters you may have.

Our main services are divided in: immigration, relocation, settling-in and repatriation.


All companies that relocate employees to the Netherlands and individuals who want to work here, have to deal with the Dutch immigration authorities. Our immigration team provides counsel and tailor made solutions and will prepare and apply for a work and residence permit if required by the Dutch immigration law depending on the nationality.

Relocation Assistance

Our consultants are professionals and very dedicated to help international assignees and their families adjust to their new country.

Relocation services include for example school search, home search and support to negotiate the best rental contract, all required registration appointments, opening bank account, assist with the 30 % tax ruling, converting driver’s license, tax advice, removal service and any other matters.

Settling in

Once you’ve found your perfect home we can assist you with all matters required to settle in, such as:

  • arrange for utilities (gas, water, electricity, TV and internet connection)
  • assistance with parking permit application
  • support with application for mandatory health insurance
  • prepare, arrange for and assist in the application for child benefit
  • general presentation of and physical guidance through the community including registration if required at:
  • health care (family doctor, dentist and hospital)
  • the post office and its services; shopping facilities (supermarkets, shops etc.)
  • explanation of public transportation including application for public transportation card.


We cover each and every aspect of your repatriation including: deregistration, cancellation of contracts and subscriptions, coordination of the move, etc. etc..

Known for our personal touch and for going the extra mile we provide customized services to fit all your (employee’s) needs.
Based in Voorhout, our services include all of The Netherlands, ranging from the main cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Breda and Venlo up to many of the small suburbs and villages.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and to simply make you feel at home in the Netherlands.

Please feel free to contact us.


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The Netherlands 

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