Van den Heuvel Juristen is a devoted and ambitious office, led by mr. drs. G.H.A. (Alexander) van den Heuvel. Based on years of working for the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) he decided to provide services in this area independently, next to his legal services regarding employment.  Van den Heuvel Juristen has handled numerous cases successfully, at the full satisfaction of clients from the Netherlands and from around the world. Our office assists expats and employers in residency/work permit applications at the IND and handles appeals cases after first negative decisions. Van den Heuvel has worked in the appeals department and has built up significant experience in the handling of such cases.

Van den Heuvel Juristen also specializes in Dutch employment law. Do you need assistance in setting up or checking employment contracts? Wish legal advice regarding the Dutch employment rules? Need advice or representation in dismissal cases or in negotiating termination agreements? Our office is at your service.

Immigration and employment

As an expat, you are coming to work in the Netherlands. Perhaps you have family members that need visas as well. Our office offers the combination of assistance in applications at the IND and legal advice regarding the Dutch rules on employment.

Van den Heuvel has worked for the IND and therefore has intimate inside knowledge regarding the IND procedures, whether it be applications as a skilled migrant, for family members you wish to bring, applications for family members of EU citizens, et cetera. The IND has made applying for residency and work-permits easier by providing online information on the procedures at However, perhaps you are not sure whether you or your family members meet the criteria or you have other reasons for engaging a professional to handle the procedure for you. Our office is happy to do this for you. Van den Heuvel has special experience in handling appeals cases. In case you would receive a negative decision in first instance, it is highly advisable to seek professional legal assistance to handle the appeal. Also for this service you can call on our office.

At the same time, you will need to know the Dutch rules on employment and the rights you have as an employee. Perhaps you wish to make sure your rights are assured in your employment contract. Or what happens and what your rights and duties are when you get sick. What about anti-competition clauses, vacation days, maternity leave, et cetera? Or do you need help in case of dismissal or in negotiating a termination contract? Our office can assist in these matters.

Our office also provides legal immigration and employment-related services to employers, from obtaining sponsorship status, ensuring a successful application at the IND for your expat employees, handling appeals cases, to setting up employment contracts, advising you on employment rules, and assistance in dismissal cases or writing and negotiating termination contracts.

Van den Heuvel Juristen is pragmatic, service-orientated and aims for the best result. In our hands, your matter will receive the attention it deserves.



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