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We have a 125-year reputation for reliability. We employ some 30 lawyers, which means that we’re large enough to accommodate specialists in just about every area of the law so that we can deal with any legal problem you might have. At the same time, we have a relatively small team of lawyers, who benefit from short lines of communication and take a close, personal interest in your case.

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Our philosophy

We are pragmatic and creative. Our aim is to find a solution for the problem at hand. Whether it’s a question of mediating in a conflict, drafting a contract, producing a legal opinion or representing you in court, we are guided by your interests and wishes.

Our services

Employment Law
All sorts of questions are bound to arise if you hear that your employer is planning to terminate your contract of employment. These include:

  • Can I be dismissed just like that?
  • Am I entitled to severance pay?
  • Am I entitled to unemployment benefit?
  • What should I do?
  • What should I not do?

These and other questions are answered on our website or you can contact Thijs de Jong (t.dejong@rwv.nl / 071- 750 22 73).

Family Law
Family law encompasses all the legal aspects of human relations in the broadest sense of the word, from before the cradle to beyond the grave. Basically, family law is about people. In addition to being legal experts, our lawyers know about human relations and take a personal interest in their clients. Which is a good thing, as no two people – and no two situations – are the same. We deliver a personalised service. We offer our clients a working relationship that is built on trust and a sense of security, and in which we join forces to find the best solution for our clients.

We have a close-knit network of international accountants, tax consultants and pension experts. In this increasingly globalised society, we offer a unique combination of specialist expertise and vast experience in international family law.

More information? Contact Ciska Elsinga, (c.elsinga@rwv.nl/(0)71-750 22 05) or visit our website.

Property Law
We deal with all property-related matters. These includes problems and disputes involving landlord and tenant law and sale of property.

Our aim is to deliver a top-class service by working both thoroughly and efficiently. That’s why we win cases.

More information? Contact Frank Dekkers (f.dekkers@rwv.nl / 071-750 22 71) or visit our website.

Other services
For more services visit our website.

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