The #1 company for financing your home abroad.

Expat Mortgages is a team of independent mortgage brokers helping expats who want to buy a house in the Netherlands and need a mortgage for that. The company has existed for more than 10 years and provided mortgage advice to thousands of people. The exclusive work with expats only turned the company into a preferred choice by many internationals.

What do we provide?

Our advisors will guide you through the process of arranging a mortgage. All communication (either verbal or written) will be in English and we will make sure you receive a translated version of the mortgage offer that is provided by bank.

Our advisors are very flexible and therefore it will also be possible to meet outside office hours. Any necessary communication with the bank (or other third parties involved) will be handled by us, which contributes to the realization of a stress-free process. Once the mortgage is approved it is time to sign the official deeds at the notary. We will make sure that a sworn interpreter will be present at the signing and your Expat Mortgages advisor will also be present just in case.

Even after the process has come to an end we actively keep in touch with our customers. Our dedicated ‘aftercare advisor’ Selina van Beek will be available for any mortgage-related questions that come up!

** An extra service we provide for all our customers is arranging the provisional tax rebate (for the mortgage related costs) in the first year of financing, free of charge.

Expat Mortgages has several offices throughout the Netherlands. The initial meeting with one of our advisors is free of charge and we can either schedule the meeting at our office or a location you prefer!



Visiting addresses:

Amsterdam Office
Barbara Strozzilaan 101
1083 HN Amsterdam

Haarlem Office
Diakenhuisweg 17
2033 AP Haarlem 

The Hague Office
Zuidhollandlaan 7
2506 AL Den Haag

Rotterdam Office
Hofplein 20
3032 AC Rotterdam  

Eindhoven Office
Flight Forum 40
5657 DB Eindhoven

Contact details: 
T: +31 (0)20 7173908 

 Social Media: 

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