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Rotsvast has been THE BIGGEST SPECIALIST in property rentals, sellings and property management for over 29 years. With over 20 branch locations and an ever-changing offering of rental and selling properties throughout the Netherlands on our website, Rotsvast is a true leader in the market.

Our services

Rental! Want to rent a property through Rotsvast?

If the property you’re looking for is not listed on Rotsvast’s website, our staff will also actively get to work to find a suitable property in the market. 

What type of property are you looking for? What kind of terms and conditions are associated with a rental property? How much is the monthly rent? Where can I view all the available properties in a specific city or area?

In that case, Rotsvast will be happy to be your rental partner. You can tell us your specific wishes for a property using our registration form, after which we will schedule an intake appointment with you to discuss your wishes in further detail.

Experience has shown that our personal approach significantly increases your chances of finding a suitable property. Our branch offices all have in-depth knowledge of the entire market and always know exactly what kind of properties are available for rent at any given time.

Buying! Bring your own purchasing agent along

Rotsvast is your trusted partner, from viewing properties through to the final decision, and also regularly supports buyers in purchasing a suitable property. While you check if the house meets your criteria, we will be busy delving deeper;

  • What is the maintenance situation like? 
  • Are there any deficiencies? 
  • Is it useful to have a (structural/architectural) building inspection done?
  • What’s the ownership situation?
  • How does the local Home-Owners’ Association work?
  • Are there any land use plans? Is there an energy label and what are the environmental aspects like?

Your Rotsvast purchasing agent will be able to quickly retrieve this information and incorporate it in the purchase advice and the negotiations. 

From negotiation to purchase agreement

It is now important to determine the right bidding strategy and the best starting bid.

If your final bid is accepted, the agreed-to terms will be documented in a purchase agreement including questionnaire, list of materials left behind in the property and (if applicable) a Home-Owners’ Association checklist.

Transfer of ownership at the notary office

The property will be inspected thoroughly and the electricity, gas and water readings recorded on the agreed-to date of transfer. The notarial documents will have been checked by Rotsvast, and the calculation of the financial breakdown will also be reconfirmed. It is now only a matter of signing the deed of transfer at a notary office. The notary will register you in the Kadaster (registry of deeds) as the new owner.

‘Our philosophy is that only satisfied clients will lead to success!’


Visiting address:
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2312HR Leiden
Website: www.rotsvast.nl

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T +31 (0)70 – 346 48 40

Contact details Leiden:
T +31 (0)71-820 02 70


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