Zorg en Zekerheid

Everyone is entitled to care and security, as obvious as this may sound. Unfortunately, that’s not always a given in healthcare. We are doing our utmost to change that. Our name says it all: Zorg en Zekerheid, Dutch for ‘Care and Security’. As a healthcare insurance provider, our goal is to provide everyone with access to the best care possible. Both people who require extensive care and those who need just a bit. Everyone is entitled to Zorg en Zekerheid.

Working together towards good care and better health

We believe that cooperation is the only way to achieve good care and better health. So we collaborate with regional organisations, such as municipalities, sports clubs and care professionals, in many initiatives, proving we don’t just make promises – together, we make it happen. Care and health is more than simply obtaining the best treatment. A healthy diet, community ties, plenty of exercise and relaxation all contribute to better health for everyone. This is our goal, each and every day. Thanks to our strong regional connections we also work closely with health professionals on cost management and quality improvement.

In the Netherlands, everybody is entitled to medical care by law

Everyone living in the Netherlands, with an income in or from the Netherlands, is legally obliged to have at least basic health insurance, while Zorg en Zekerheid is legally obliged to accept every applicant as a customer. Basic health insurance covers costs for the most common medical care determined by the Dutch government, such as general practitioner and hospital care. Everyone aged 18 and older pays a monthly premium for their health insurance. Children under the age of 18 are included in all insurance policies for free.

Zorg en Zekerheid health insurances

There are 3 options for basic health insurance at Zorg en Zekerheid. No matter which basic insurance policy you choose, you can be treated at any hospital in the Netherlands.

1. Zorg Zeker Policy is our contracted care policy with a monthly premium of €120,20
2. Zorg Vrij Policy is our non-contracted care policy with a monthly premium of €126.95

If you choose the Zorg Zeker Policy or Zorg Vrij Policy:
✔ you receive a 5% discount on your monthly premium
✔ you have a choice of 7 supplementary insurance policies

If you want to be assured of coverage of care not covered by basic health insurance, you can take out a supplementary policy. These provide additional coverage, for example for physiotherapy treatment, dental care and glasses.

Click here to compare all our supplementary policies

3. Zorg Gemak Policy is our online contracted care policy with a monthly premium of €114,20

If you choose the Zorg Gemak Policy:
✔ you have an online policy: all your insurance information and correspondence can be found at MijnZZ, while all payments are by direct debit
✔ you can combine it with the AV-Gemak Policy

An overview of the policies and their differences can be found here

You can find more information on the Zorg en Zekerheid insurance in this article.

Learn about some of their discounts here

Do you have a question, need help or advice, or do you want to take out insurance?

We would be happy to help you! Go to zorgenzekerheid.nl/English and find all the information you need. You can also visit our walk-in insurance shop in Leiden City Centre, call us on +31 (0) 71 582 5825 or send us an email.


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