Financial Planning

Financial planning brings you peace of mind and a feeling of certainty.  A financial planning of Your Financials starts with an analytical description of your current situation. Then we include your personal wishes and objectives. Thoughts of buying a new house, throw a big anniversary party or work less.
What follows is advice on how to adjust your finances in such a way that your wishes can be realized and protected against outside influence as much as possible. We will also advise you to start or stop using certain financial products to reach your goals.

Estate Planning

Live rich rather than to die rich is the expression. But some people die unexpectedly and sometimes too early and could not use what they were putting aside. Others' income is so high they simply cannot consume all. Another wants to pass on to the children. What are your priorities? Like many, you probably want your next of kin to pay as little tax as possible. But how can you best arrange this?
Our consultants have solid expertise to provide you with advice. We have found other expert estate planners and specialized notaries so financial and tax knowledge is optimally combined with legal expertise.
We help select and effect investments in investment funds, family funds, etc. with reputed, modern and capable investment managers that fit your appetite and capabilities.

Home Loans and Investment Loans

Integrating existing estate and income plans from your original or previous destination into your personal plan is key, especially if you choose to buy property in the Netherlands. It matters if you intend to use it personally or if you lease it out when selecting suitable financiers. We also look at the life cycle of ownership of such investment, and if the financier can deal with changes of the plan/situation. Some financiers cannot and we steer clear from these. We do not engage in execution-only products. We have carefully selected a number of financially responsible partners (not always banks for that matter) with excellent operational qualifications, strong financial positions, proven client centric behavior and competitive and relevant financial products. We also have relationships with other parties if there is an existing relationship with you that has to be honored. 

Pension Plans

Because of their long-term nature, mostly tax driven and politically influenced results, pension plans are by far the longest ignored part of one’s future income across the globe. They are a headache for many. But their potential on your future income is simply too big to not include some of the many local varieties in your personal plan. We have fully qualified staff to advise and arrange pension plans, additions thereto, for employees and self-employed. We also advise small (i.e. with less than 50 staff) companies setting up pension schemes.

Next to these four pillars we advise and arrange life, income (e.g. disability) and equity insurance, and offer advice to anticipate effects of divorce, death or termination of employment (i.e. severance payments).
Some clients prefer we help them on a one-off basis, some would like us to stay on board. Some have us on an hourly rate, some on fixed price. We also provide a subscription model to keep you up to date.



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